Clearwater Basin Collaborative

Protecting and Enhancing Idaho's Clearwater Basin

Members of the Clearwater Basin Collaborative represent diverse interests in the Clearwater Basin.

These range from local industry, recreation and conservation to county and tribal governments. The U.S. Forest Service sends at least one employee to all meetings. Each member of Idaho’s congressional delegation has also appointed a liaison to attend meetings.

Federal, state and congressional staff members participate only as advisors.

Participant List

Aaron Miles Nez Perce Tribe
Alex Irby PLAY
Bill Higgins Idaho Forest Group
Bill Warren U of I Clearwater Extension
Brad Brooks The Wilderness Society
Dale Harris Great Burn Study Group
David Galantuomini PLAY, Lewiston OHV Club
David Cadwallader Idaho Fish and Game
Don Ebert Clearwater County Commissioners
Greg Danly Empire Lumber
Holly Endersby Backcountry Hunters and Anglers
Jonathan Oppenheimer Idaho Conservation League
Joyce Dearstyne Framing our Community
Larry Jakub Citizen at Large
Leo Crane Lake & Leather Outfitters
Orville Daniels Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Randy Doman Citizen at Large
Robyn Miller The Nature Conservancy
Ron Aldrich Citizen at Large
Scott Stouder Trout Unlimited
Skip Brandt Idaho County Commissioners

Advisors and Liaisons

Mitch Silvers US Senator Mike Crapo
Mike Hanna US Senator Jim Risch
Scott Carlton US Congressman Raul Labrador
Katie Brodie Governor Otter’s Office
Kathy Rodriguez Forest Service Liaison
Tera King CFLRA Project Coordinator
Rick Brazell Forest Supervisor
Elayne Murphy Citizen Liasion
Michael Ward Nez Perce /Clearwater National Forest
Kelli Rosellini General Coordinator
Olleke Rappe-Daniels Citizen Liaison